The Extreme Marriage Makeover Challenge.™


Each question on the quiz below shows two statements with a five-step scale below them. Complete the quiz by clicking the circle in the range that is closest to the statement (on the left or right) that describes what you are experiencing right now in your relationship.

The 30 items on this quiz have been chosen because they are the most frequently discussed issues and outcomes in couples’ counseling in our practice. After completing the quiz you will receive your score and some suggestions on how to fill the gap between a Challenging Relationship and an Extraordinary one.

If Your Partner is driving you crazy than maybe you need to understand their personality profile. If so Take our Relationship Personality Profile as Well.

Extreme Marriage Makeover Challenge

    We quickly identify, negotiate and resolve our differences and move on.
    We both take responsibility for the success of this relationship.
    We are best friends and we share intimate moment’s everyday.
    I know that I am adored and attractive to my spouse.
    I can’t wait to be at home and hang out with my partner.
    We make time to go on special outings together on a regular basis.
    We share intimately and I know my spouses current fears, dreams and aspirations. Our communication is awesome.
    We love doing so many of the same things.
    We have come to agreements on roles in the home and both feel happy with our current responsibilities.
    We know each others values and goals and compliment each other perfectly. We talk about where we are going and how we are both integral to getting there.
    Our sexual relationship is vibrant, fun and fulfilling.
    I understand my spouse’s personality differences and needs and we ARE very compatible.
    We freely share our thoughts and feelings in a respectful and honoring way all the time.
    I am completely free to be myself and know that I am accepted and supported unconditionally, including all my decisions.
    I feel comfortable with the amount of space between us and no one is trying to avoid closeness or intimacy.
    I am in a relationship that is constantly growing and evolving.
    I have learned to forgive and move on from past and present hurtful issues. There are no resentments or regrets in this relationship.
    I can totally express myself in this relationship and I am encouraged to look after personal needs, pursue my interests and follow my dreams.
    I express my independence and have developed a fulfilling balance among family, spouse and other relationships outside the home.
    I look up to my spouse and respect who they are and what they stand for.
    I have no problem trusting my spouse and it seems like there are no secrets.
    I feel that my ideas are always listened to, appreciated and respected.
    Even though this relationship takes work it feels effortless and natural.
    I am cherished and esteemed for my differences and strengths and I do not have any concerns about what my spouse thinks of me.
    I enjoy doing meaningful activities with my spouse and in some way we have joined together for the purpose of making a difference in our world.
    No issue is off topic and I can bring up just about anything no matter how personal or sensitive.
    I’m free to ask for what I want.
    We enjoy each other's company and laugh freely and frequently together.
    I get plenty of verbal praise, appreciation, encouragement and I hear I love you more than enough.
    I see value and an extraordinary future in this relationship.
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