Workshop Testimonials

What participants are saying about their experience in the workshops:

Hi Darren and Lawrence,

First of all, thanks for a great weekend.  Everything about the whole program you delivered was perfect, your delivery was great, you guys gave many great examples, and the practice time was well appreciated. I could go on for quite some time but I think you get the point.  I do have to say one more thing though, the end of the workshop was amazing, i did not expect to have such an emotional response, but I did and I am grateful.  The outcome of all this is that our marriage is now moving again in the right direction and I thank you, we thank you.

Squamish, BC

Both Facilitors were amazing! Best I have seen done and I have been to many professional workshops. Thank you so much as the concepts I was already familiar with were explained more clearly and fun.

Vancouver, BC

My husband and I attended this weekend’s workshop in Edmonton, and we are both overcome with emotions. We found ourselves having fun and giggling! We learned a lot of things that we can each use in our relationship- and we kind of can’t wait to disagree-so we can use our new skills!! We were extremely touched by Darren and LaVerna’s emotions when they ACTUALLY worked out a conflict in front of us!! Both of them ended up crying, and it was truly humbling to see therapists practice what they preach-not just tell us how, not just show us by acting, but by being REAL and talking about themselves and their experiences. I can honestly say that I was worried about the outcome of this weekend with my hubby- but I actually learned things about my husband that I NEVER knew in our 6 yrs together! I attribute this to the program, to Darren, Lawrence, and LaVerna, and also the comfortable environment that they created for us. I left feeling lighter, safer, more confident in my relationship, and sad that the workshop was over! I can’t wait to do it again, and I am actually thinking of sending two couples that I know who are getting married this summer, some information and recommendations for this conference!! Thank you so much to all three who were there coaching us this weekend!!!

Nichole Toohey, Edmonton, AB

The facilitators were so professional,gentle, caring and brought a humorous sensitive touch to our relationship. They offered hope and tools to help us achieve a happy marriage according to us. Thank you for everything. What a profound two days it has been. The re-commitment exercise at the end was a perfect way to end the day!

Vancouver, BC

Loved the exercises and the great package of materials… easy to plan what we can use after the workshop!

Surrey, BC

I was extremely pleased with this workshop.  It gave me effective tools to work with and ways to look at things differently in my relationship.  It was excellent and I would highly recommend it to other couples.

Sharon O, Vancouver, BC

Thank you (to you & Darren) again for a great workshop. My Husband and I said it was one of the best workshops we’ve ever been too (out of many personal and professional development courses)

Annie G, Vancouver, BC

We realized that having a ‘gridlock’ on an issue didn’t necessarily mean death of a relationship. Through realizing and talking the issue through we were able to hear and respect each others ‘side’ without feeling it was a ‘necessity’ to agree on everything.

Langley, BC

Hi Guys;     Just wanted to write and let you know that Stephen and I have renewed the friendship, the attraction and the love in our marriage since our retreat with Best Marriages in Feb 09.   Our marriage was going down a rocky road, me being lost in my career, and he being lost in his TV and fiction books.  I really thought I needed a more motivated partner – little did I realize that I was not lending any balance to our relationship and he was stonewalling and retreating into defense mode.  We have made a conscious effort since the retreat to enjoy our 6 sec kisses, and to genuinely listen to one another. Another great habit we’ve both come to love is the Salsa card each morning on the kitchen table as we alternate turns picking our choice.  The Salsa cards have really helped us regain the intimacy and the affection back into our relationship and its always fun to see what our partner picks for us.  I have pledged to take a full Sunday off to be with Steve, and to shut my office down at 9 pm each night.  He has pledged to watch less tv and that we do things together during our “US” times.  We also have chosen to be together twice a week, to read aloud “Relationship/Love Books” beside one another. And, then we do the exercises at the end of the chapters together and in the process learn more about one another’s feelings.  Again, Darren and Lawrence, I truly enjoyed the retreat and want to thank you – your program is exactly what we needed to not only keep our marriage together but also to bring the fun and romance back into it.  Thank you!

Ricia Adair, Vancouver Island, BC

I felt like my spouse really listened to what I was feeling without getting defensive.  I feel a sense of peace about our marriage.

Langley, BC

lots of humour and anecdotes to illustrate many of the points being made sets people at ease and relaxes a potentially tense atmosphere!

Vancouver, BC

We were able to identify and work through a gridlocked problem that was very challenging for us.  We have not been able to deal with things and avoided conflict for so long.  He was very emotional, but I think we started to dialogue that we will be able to continue long after the conference is over.  We both feel more committed than ever to improving our relationship

Vancouver Island, BC

Hey guys!
I just wanted to say how great your workshop was in February!  My boyfriend and I had a really great time! We had just recently broken up at that point and things weren’t looking too great because of some external variables that had made our relationship very difficult to manage. But, after having gone to this workshop, we realized just how much our communication skills were lacking and that we needed to do an overhaul in this area.  Just shortly after the workshop, we were back together with a renewed sense of hope that we weren’t the only one’s who needed to work on things and that things can (and will) get much better with a lot of focus on communication.  Recently, we are going to counselling and working fairly intensely on how we communicate based upon the workshop’s tools.  And, I have to say, “so far, so good!”

Debbie N, Langley, BC

Thanks again for giving us a really life altering experience!