Relationships are difficult. Being in it for the long term takes work. Most couples want to know how to make love last a lifetime.

It’s all very possible, and you don’t have to change your partner to fix your relationship.


We offer couples facing challenging relationships a way to rebuild the love they once shared. Our marriage counselling services in Langley, BC are based on the world-renowned Gottman Institute methodology of marriage and relationship therapy.


A Unique Approach to Marriage and Couples Counselling in Langley

For many couples, the thought of participating in marriage counselling is almost as frightening as allowing their marriage to fail. The staff of is well aware of these common misgivings, and we strive to alleviate the fears of those who reach out for help.

What makes our Langley, BC marriage counsellors so effective is that we’ve built our therapy services around the world renowned Gottman Method, which focuses on the fundamental elements of strengthening a marriage. We also offer an affair recovery program for those facing issues of infidelity.


As Certified Gottman Couples Therapists we help you…

  • WORK PAST the issues that are holding back your relationship
  • LEARN how to be better friends and lovers having more fun as you go.
  • BUILD TRUST and commitment through rituals of connection you can count on
  • MANAGE CONFLICT like the masters of marriage do.
  • STOP the four best predictors of divorce: Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt and Stonewalling.


Facing the Unavoidable

In addition to those skills, this coaching team will address the unavoidable negativity lurking under the surface of even the strongest relationships. Those “Four Horsemen” include contempt, criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling, and they only foster the feelings of anxiety creeping up in troubled relationships.

By emphasizing positivity, Best Marriages helps couples deepen their friendship and learn to power through their conflicts. Through their exclusive techniques for marriage counselling in Langley, BC, they not only help mend broken relationships, they help couples develop the power to maintain healthy relationships for the long term.


What to Expect

Through the Gottman Method, couples will learn how their personalities impact their relationship and will be taught effective methods of working through the inevitable irreconcilable differences of opinion. They will also be guided in negotiating to find common ground as well as the six social skill required for resolving their conflicts.

Click on the link to learn more about the couples counselling process,  what to expect in the first few visits, and details on our rates.

  Couples Counselling Process


Darren and Gottman

What is Gottman Couples Therapy?


We are the official Gottman Institute representatives in Canada. And although our methods are based on those of Dr. John Gottman and his research, our counselors – Darren and La Verna Wilk, Lawrence Stoyanowski, Duncan O’Mahony and Stefan Kurschat – each bring their own unique personalities and approaches to helping couples.


The team draws from their training as well as their personal experiences to provide effective relationship coaching. They understand no relationship is identical; therefore, there is no cookie-cutter solution.


Our Approach to Marriage Therapy

Unlike many offering marriage counselling in Langley, we feel pointing out the specific flaws of each spouse is counterproductive; it only serves to build anger and resentment. We know true marriage help stems from teaching couples to talk to each other rather than about each other, and to work toward addressing their issues in a healthy manner.


Working Together

Other vital elements received through this type of marriage therapy are learning to sincerely apologize as well forgive each other in order to work through negative situations and actions. Couples may not share all the same values, but the Best Marriages team will help determine those they do have in common. This provides a core around which to rebuild their relationship.

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Not in the Langley Area?

We offer intensive multi-day marathon counselling or couples workshops in multiple cities across British Columbia and Alberta.


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