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For almost three decades, we have been helping our clients rekindle their relationships from our couples counselling and workshop centre.


Broken Heart

Intensive Multi-day Counselling

Don’t throw in the towel just yet.  We offer intensive multi-day marathon counselling for couples in-person in our Langley location or on-line.


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Gottman Couples Workshops


Learn The Art and Science of Love and get your relationship on track in a weekend! We offer workshops at locations in Western Canada.


Certified marriage counsellors serving Vancouver, Victoria, and Langley, BC since 1993.

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Extreme Marriage Makeover

Does your relationship need a transformation? Discover how the well-being of your relationship compares with that of “happy” couples.


We specialize in Gottman couples therapy and affair recovery in Langley, Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, and surrounding areas in the Lower Mainland

At, we’re here to help you rekindle your love and affection, and work through the issues that are dragging your relationship down. Whether your relationship needs a little lift, or a complete overhaul, our Gottman-certified marriage counselors can help. You can stop the endless cycles of arguing —we will provide you with research-based tools and give direction to your relationship. Imagine you could go back in time to when


your relationship first started,  and could experience those feelings you had for your partner. Those feelings are still there, and we can help you uncover them again. Your relationship and the way you feel about each other can be transformed, without having to change your spouse. All of our services are based on The Gottman Method, which is a research-based approach to creating lasting relationship.




Gottman Approved Member

Existing clients can book through Janeapp! First time clients please call to book your first appointment. 


Does Your Partner Drive You Crazy And You Don’t Know Why?

Learn more about your personality styles, and how they affect your relationship.


Don’t throw in the towel – your relationship is worth fighting for

Even though it is easy to lose hope in finding a way out, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our job is to help you find it.


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