Both of you, Darren and Lawrence are wonderful presenters/facilitators-  very informative, knowledgeable, organized and creative in all aspects of the this training. Thank you so much and the personal stories on clients were excellent!

- M.R., Pincher Creek, AB. Level 2

Really enjoyed the level 2 workshop. Lots of information – almost overwhelming. LIke the mix of lecture, role-play and video.

- C.R., Lethbridge, AB. Level 2

Excellent Course! It is only my own learning curve grasping the depth of the material that affected my overall rating. The presenters were very thorough and engaged. Loved it!

- D.G, Magrath, AB. Level 2

I really enjoyed watching the video on how Julie used the Gottman Method to work with her clients.  Thanks a lot!

- AL ,Vancouver. Level 2

Lots to absorb and review before I can feel comfortable to utilize with clients and lots of useful practical tools to adopt.  Given current economics and more couples likely to stay together these are practical useful techniques to make marriages work.

- GT, Surrey

All Excellent information, scientific basis, practical application opportunities in a welcoming and warm environment, Thank you for the Level 2 training!

- Dr. R. L Gibson. Level 2

Thank you! Very thorough presentation- appreciated the use of humor.  Videos extremely helpful.

- RG, Burnaby

Thank you! Very inspiring! I look forward to practicing these tools.

- MC, Vancouver

Both presenters, Darren and Lawrence were very articulate and explained things very well.

- GL, Vancouver

It was jammed packed with great tools- thanks so much for overwhelming me in a good way

- TZ, Vancouver

There was lots I found helpful. I really enjoyed a lot about the conference, especially the examples contextualized, personal examples and handouts to use with clients. The videos of Julie were fabulous learning tools and I would love to see more videos of other therapists using the Gottman Method

- JJ, Calgary

Excellent- very humorous and informative.  I would love to have level two in Calgary.

- CJ, Calgary

Truly Benefited from this training and hope level two will be offered soon!

- MB, Calgary

I appreciate the presenters enthusiasm, commitment and preparation… well done!

- BD, Alberta

Great job guys! How about level Two next year! well written manual; presentations were a great compliment to the materials, well prepared, humorous, funny  exercises  and  anecdotes, that “humanized” the training.

- TJ, Calgary. Level 1

I really enjoyed the use of popular cultural commercials, etc. it made it really relevant. It was good to have support to areas I have already been doing (i.e. knowing it was research based); as well as new/better ways to do strategies I have felt lacking in the skills needed.  I wished we had even more time for interaction even but I Understand the constraints of getting through so much material. However I did find the video sessions brought the  theory to life. Thanks!

- SM, Red Deer

The  Humor and anecdotes plus the videos added to my learning and will help me remember certain interventions.

- AR, Naramata

I enjoyed the tapes of Julie with couple- nice to get to “know” her clients over the course of two days. I appreciated the self disclosure of the presenters- they modeled how we don’t have to be perfect in relationships.

- LC, Port Moody

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