If you have a GREEN personality style:
Your core values are knowledge and innovation.
Your core needs are information and being competent.


In Relationships

Greens feel very deeply and may have trouble expressing those feelings. They prefer to let the head rule the heart. Greens dislike repetition, so it is difficult for them to continuously express their feelings: they believe once feelings are stated, they are obvious. Greens are uneasy when their emotions control them.



Nothing bothers an inquiring Green more than not understanding something and subsequently appearing incompetent. They want to know why; they like to have as much information as possible, and enjoy gathering that information themselves. Their self-esteem relies heavily on how much they know and how competent they appear to others.


When Greens are in esteem, they are some of the most exciting people to be around. Their passion for improvement and visionary ideas can be awe-inspiring. Their tenacity for creating solutions and their expansive knowledge base are a magical combination for seeing concepts brought to fruition and introduced to the world.


However, when greens are experiencing low self-esteem, their patience is thinner than ever and things that may have only irritated them previously become unbearable. They can shift from an otherwise intelligent, rational person to someone who is critical, uncompromising, condescending, sarcastic and harsh.

Areas to be aware of

What stresses a Green person:


  • Overly sensitive people
  • Boredom
  • No flexibility
  • Equipment failure
  • “In the box” thinking
  • Incompetence
  • Routine
  • Not enough time to gather data
  • People who don’t try to solve their own problems
  • Lack of independence
  • Mistakes
  • Rules that block progress
  • Not knowing or understanding something
  • Stupidness
  • Unfairness
  • Nothing New to look forward to
  • Emotional outbursts


Being exposed to stressors for a long period of time leads to behaviours such as:


  • Behaving indecisively
  • Refusing to comply or cooperate
  • Withdrawal
  • Put-downs and sarcastic remarks
  • Refusal to communicate
  • the silent treatment
  • Perfection tied to performance anxiety
  • Highly critical towards self and others

Greens need to remember

You have what is called a green face. Because you process internally, your face is usually devoid of expression. Remember to smile, laugh out loud, or show concern for others when they are talking. Some people take a while to get out what they are trying to say — be patient and let them talk.


Important information for significant others

Don’t ask them what is wrong, or if they are in a bad mood. They are merely thinking. When a green is under stress they need an opportunity to go off by themselves to process. They are not opposed to talking about their processing, but prefer to do it without feedback or judgment.


Allow them independence. Often a green will want to just get away to re-energize and gain more information. This should not be interpreted as avoidance or lack of interest in you are your values.

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