You have an ORANGE personality style
Your core Value is Resourcefulness and Skill
Your core Need is Freedom and Action


In Relationships

Orange people seek a relationship with shared activities and interests with their mate. They like to explore new ways to energize the relationship, have a wide variety of friends, and prefer to be with people who like to have fun and are spontaneous. They tend to be laid back and flexible so you can choose what to do when the moment arrives. They can be bold and affectionate in relationships yet miss subtly and nuances that other colors might have noticed. They tend to be generous and extravagant, and then forget to make the promised phone call. Oranges also resist commitment, both to activities that may clutter up the calendar as well as relationships that feel too dependent or demanding. They need to feel that they can participate in an activity because its fun and what they choose as opposed to merely something they committed to. Because of their optimism and belief that things will always work out in the end (which they have the ability to make happen more so than other colors because of their resourcefulness and ability to thrive in crisis) Oranges can survive experiences and setbacks that other colors may find devastating.



Need to feel that they are in control — not necessarily of others, but most definitely of themselves. Even if they are following orders, they need to feel some sort of freedom to follow the orders in their own fashion. Along with their spontaneity comes impulsivity, extremely important for an Orange to thrive. To continuously resist impulses that others may ignore in pursuit of a larger goal, Oranges may even feel guilty, bound and confined if they resist too much. They have a higher level of energy than other colors.


When Oranges shine they are versatile, spontaneous, self-confident, resourceful, and decisive. Their playful manner can brighten up a mundane chore and add fun to a workday. They prefer make decisions as they go, according to what will suit them best in the moment. A common misconception about an orange is that at times they appear to demonstrate great discipline. While they may engage in an activity, even excessively at times, it is not practice or rehearsal but rather impulse. They participate in activities or interests because they feel like it. Once they feel they have mastered that activity, they tend to become disinterested in it and don’t feel the need to return to it. Oranges love the tools of whatever trade they are interested in and love the lime light. Their ability to endure exceeds that of other colors, including their willingness to accept discomfort, fatigue, pain and deprivation. They are competitive and want appreciation for their performance.


However, oranges can be very intimidating when they are stressed or low on esteem. They can become exceedingly pushy, aggressive, confrontational and have been known to create problems just to give them something to solve and to create excitement. Placed in an overly restrictive environment, they will go to great extremes to gain their freedom or control.

Areas to be aware of

What stresses an Orange person


  • Lack of freedom or choices
  • Feeling trapped
  • Rigidity
  • Being forced to do something another person’s way
  • Not being able to use their skills
  • Strict guidelines or rules
  • Forced to keep quiet or not participate
  • Insufficient attention
  • No sense of humor
  • Waiting Slow actions
  • Indecisiveness
  • Routine
  • Lack of sex
  • Details
  • Paperwork
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of Money
  • It is the Orange who laments, “What do you mean I’m out of Money? I still have checks left!”


Being exposed to stressors for a long period of time leads to behaviors such as:


  • Acting rude and with defiance
  • Breaks rules on purpose
  • Fails to complete things
  • Runs away
  • Quits job
  • May joke or tease inappropriately
  • Overly competitive
  • Manipulative

Oranges need to remember:

That at times your energy is overwhelming. Others may perceive you as shallow and flighty. Take the time to organize your thoughts and complete what you start. Work harder at being on time and maintaining eye contact with people when they are talking.  Don’t walk away in the middle of a conversation just because you see someone else you want to talk to or have become bored.   If you can learn to integrate more Gold qualities into your life it will make it easier for you and you will find more acceptance in society.


Important information for significant others

Understand their need to multitask.  Don’t crowd too much stuff on their calendars, especially on the weekend.  Allow for times that are completely unstructured so that they can follow the whim of the moment.  Productivity is less important than the process, and they value being recognized for their courage, timing, skill and vigor over what they may have produced.   Don’t take it personally when they change the subject rapidly and often… it is not rejection but rather including you in the inner workings of their minds.  They can learn to stay on topic but only at the expense of keeping their inner ramblings to themselves.  Because they tend to be animated and dynamic communicators, their passion can be misunderstood as being opinionated and stubborn.  Their ability to maintain access to their sense of humor, even in an argument can be seen as an inability to be serious.  The super power of an orange is their ability to not take themselves too seriously and to be able to move on from an issue or disagreement quickly.  Take this at face value.  Be patient when they lose and forget things, this is not a reflection of your importance, but rather the consequences of a rapidly moving mind.

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