Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair or Infidelity?

Affairs are devastating to any relationship, and recovering from one takes time and effort from both parties in the relationship. Feelings of regret and despair are common, and partners often wonder if there is anything of their relationship left to salvage.


The hurt and humiliation are hard for anyone to deal with, and those feelings must be dealt with before any Affair Recovery can begin. Accepting help is a first step necessary for partners seeking to restore their relationship.


Couples in pain need to understand that coping with infidelity is a complex process that, as a rule,requires outside help. Counselors can help, but without commitment from both parties, there is little chance of the relationship healing.


That special trust that is key to a healthy relationship has been destroyed, and finding a way to get around that breach of faith is difficult at best. While surviving an affair is painful, relationships can get beyond the problems when partners are committed to succeeding.


Understanding the context of an affair is often a first step in recovery. Analyzing the root cause of infidelity is not always easy for either partner, as both may have contributed to the problem. For example, some couples have trouble with communicating their sexual needs, creating a schism between the partners.


When one partner then finds another person who appears more open to experimentation, the temptation to cheat is overwhelming. Other relationships can be too child or money oriented, leaving one of the partners feeling ignored. The sources of temptation are numerous, and the need to free oneself from a sense of frustration can easily lead to infidelity. No matter what the reason, the result is a loss of trust and a feeling of rejection.



When both parties want to salvage the relationship, there is a strong possibility of recovery. However, most people do not know how to recover from infidelity without guidance. Simply trying to muddle through alone does not often work, as the issues resulting in the affair must be addressed fairly. Just as importantly, the feelings of hurt, humiliation and betrayal have to be talked out. Seeking professional help is the first step partners need to agree on if Affair Recovery is to occur.

Darren Wilk, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Co-founder of, has been working with marriages and families since 1988.   This includes being a foster parent providing care as a professional parent loving and inspiring children with various challenges.

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